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Chaturth Business Solutions Pvt Ltd is a Solution Consulting and Execution firm specializing in the fields of Strategic Management; Brand Protection and Product Authentication; Consumer Perspective Management; and Business Incubations.

Founded by, R. Srivatchan, a PGDM from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIM-A), the firm leverages and relies on hands-on expertise and proven credentials that the founder has got in his 37 years’ experience as practical manager in diverse industries, markets and geographies. It adopts simple yet powerful tools, data analyses to offer apt and disruptive solutions to the management.

It employs experience, expertise and contacts to help bring together solution providers who have the right mix of domain knowledge and functional experience to customize solutions suited to your business requirement. The net result is a more efficient strategic management advice that eventually imprints positive impact on the company’s top and bottom lines and qualitative aspects.

Application of such knowledge and expertise has lead the organization to find a unique approach to Brand Protection and Product Authentication. The 360 degree approach is being propounded for protecting brands from counterfeits. The Business Practice is in a critical stage of maturity and is expected to offer a nearly productized solution to fight counterfeits across the globe.

ServicesOur passion & competence combined to deliver the best of solutions for you!


We provide Strategic Management Advice through Consultancy, as independent Director on the Board or through a long term engagement model. Besides leveraging expertise from and outside the relevant industries, Chaturth adopts rigorous financial, market & KPI data analysis and benchmarking to generate alternative strategies and test them out before giving an advice. It has given, for same organization, different solutions based on owners’ appetite for growth, risks, desired fore-front positions, stability, consolidation, etc and always enhanced overall wealth of its client.The combined knowledge pool, specialized skills and decades of experience will help us arrive at a comprehensive, and multi-dimensional plan that is best suited for your business solutions.


It is agreed by all that Consumer Perspective is vital for survival of 21st century organisations. But a close look at many of them will reveal how attitudes of people, processes and procedures and interpreted assumptions about what consumer wants are not aligned to what the consumer "really wants". Chaturth understands the challenges in this arena. It offers its expertise to bring all these in to a syncronized system capable of delivering 21st century consumers. It starts all these with "listening to consumers and internal champions without biases" and takes the journey through out the organisation for effective implementation of consumer perspective within organisation

Brand Protection & Product Authentication:

The function of brand protection and product authentication is today a far more complex body; likewise the scourge of counterfeiting and product piracy is a growing menace. Brand Protection and Product Authentication requires both knowledge of technologies and global practices as well as the skills to evaluate, analyse and apply solutions that are tailor-made for each organization.One requires in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of the industry as well as insight into the possible solutions to counter malpractices. Manufacturing industry has several stakeholders who ought to be taken into confidence; while there will be external dependencies which must be uniformly handled such that the tailored solutions actually make it to the customer. How does Counterfeiting & Product Piracy Affect Us:

Brand Owners:
  • Impaired brand equity
  • Loss of sales opportunity
  • Loss of margins
  • Product liability & warranty costs
  • Loss of royalty
  • Cost of planned obsolescence
  • Stifled innovation
  • Reduced investments
  • Loss of morale
  • Channels:
  • Distrust between principals and channel
  • Poor public perception
  • Avoidable raids, litigation & enemities
  • Consumers:
  • Sub-standard and dangerous products
  • Feeling cheated
  • Health & safety hazard
  • Government:
  • Loss of tax revenue
  • Black money circulation
  • Litigation burden
  • Policing & enforcement costs
  • Source of criminal funding
  • Public risk
  • Insurance burden
  • PartnersCollaborative efforts deliver holistic solutions for our consumers

    FactsLet's put things into perspective

    Traditional businesses often find it challenging to grow out of their well-established comfort zone or falter at their attempts to do so, because often mistakes are made in identifying the right business opportunities. Either the wrong opportunities are identified or the right ones identified too early or too late. Identifying growth opportunities is not a function in isolation rather it’s important to be able to arrive at a strategy and execution plan to make the most of those opportunities. Traditional businesses falter because of their approach and outlook towards scaling and expansion.
    As businesses look establish themselves in the highly competitive markets of today’s economy several of them face the challenge of augmenting existing know-how and acquiring new ones to fuel expansion. Institutionalizing knowledge is not merely finding a repository but being able to understand and appreciate their future need accessibility. Involving both people and documentation of resources, this is one of the key aspects of change management within organizations.
    The need and importance of understanding consumer behavior cannot be overstated for any business or industry. Being able to foretell consumer behavior, modify consumer behavior and analyze consumer behavior are essential for every business. Today more than ever the consumer is spoilt for choice and empowered by knowledge. Also in the current information age, access to tools of the internet the consumer has found a voice hereto unheard of – considering all of these its even more imperative for businesses to have a greater understanding of consumer behavior.
    Counterfeits of branded leather products, such as footwear and apparel, along with clothing were pegged at INR 20 billion in 2006 while fake gold and precious metals currently circulating are worth INR 60 billion
    The spurious drug market in India is estimated at INR 20-60 billion equaling 6-8% of the overall pharmaceutical business in the country. It is estimated that about 38% of medicines supplied in government hospitals in India are counterfeit, while 40% of all drugs sold in India are spurious.
    According to a 2007 study by the Automotive Component Manufacturers Association (ACMA), fake spares constitute 35% of the replacement market valued overall at INR 165 billion. The net worth of fake spares is likely to total INR 140 billion by 2015.
    The Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development that cross border counterfeit & pirated trade stands at a staggering $1 trillion at the end of 2013. The figures could be even more astounding if domestic and internet piracy trade is also taken into account – roughly around $3 trillion by modest estimates. To put this into perspective, this figure dwarfs the GDP of over 3/4th countries of the world. The US economy alone loses over $250 billion per annum.
    Reports say that nearly 10 to 30% toiletries, cosmetics and packaged food are counterfeit and account for a revenue loss of INR 50-80 billion annually.
    A total of 1,27,781 counterfeit currency reports were received by Financial Intelligence Unit in April 2009- March 2010 while Reserve Bank of India (RBI), recovered over 1.95 lakh fake notes amounting to INR 75.5 crore in 2007-08.

    The Chaturth Way

    • Our solutions are centred on customers and their requirements. Therefore, we spend a considerable amount of time understanding their businesses. And then to understand the role of brand protection and product authentication in their strategic and marketing mix.
      Understand & Analyse
      The next step is to study & identify the possible challenges ahead – product, packing, customers, channel, legal requirements – we seek to map out the challenges such that it becomes easier to prioritize and explore the alternatives available to achieve end goals.
      Map the Challenges
    • Every strategy requires budgetary allocation and must have a prefined set of objectives. At Chaturth we seek to outline both right at the outset. Hypothesizing impact and expected outcomes helps us tweak strategy and/or budget at the conceptualization stage itself.
      Perspective plan formulation and goal setting
      We understand we may have to seek expertise outside of an organization to meet certain objectives. We identify and liaise with prospective solution providers. Also, we look to understand what they can do and what to expect from them.
      Engage with Partners
    • Having spent a considerable amount of time chalking up the strategy we arrive at a concrete plan of action, ready for execution. Plans are action-items for both internal processes and service providers.

      Arrive at an action plan
      No execution is in isolation and we actively seek to dovetail with other functions such as CRM, internal processes & hand hold them as required to ensure that everyone is working in the same direction.
      Collaborative Execution

    NewsLatest news updates

    TecAlliance - Chaturth has been retained by TecAlliance GmbH, Germany for the Business Incubations to work upon and help them to create a business case for their full-fledged corporate set up later. TecAlliance is Europe’s leading information and communications platform for all involved in the independent automotive aftermarket.

    Non - Holographic scratch off labels - Chaturth has won an order for supplies to Saudi Arabia. The importer has suffered considerable business set-backs when he was getting supplies from some eastern suppliers. With supplies from Holotica US their business has stabilised. More orders from them are expected.

    e - Loyalty Management - Chaturth has several proposals in the pipeline for e -Loyalty, Anti-counterfeiting and Territory infringement management with major brand owners

    Patent - Chaturth has full global rights for an innovative patent that R Srivatchan has applied for an innovative solution for marking packs for helping in anti - counterfeiting, e loyalty and several other business requirement including random number generations. Chaturth is looking to bringing these into commercial scale platforms, expected by mid next year.

    KnowledgebaseWisdom & Knowledge shared from decades of experience

    ContactsReach out to us and we will revert back at the earliest!

    Knowledge is a resource that never diminishes by sharing. At Chaturth, we are only too happy to share our knowledge acquired over years of experience cutting across multiple domains. Our expertise spans across multiple domains including business advisory & consulting; strategic management consultancy & operations; brand protection and product authentication; scaling business opportunities and market expansions; consumer perspective management and much more. Whatever is your area of interest or requirement - you’re welcome to reach out to us for a no-strings-attached consultation. We would be happy to interact with you and we hope at the end of our consultation you go back more informed and better equipped.